Our Story

We aim to make Japanese beauty accessible to people across the world.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy stems from the Japanese belief that good skincare is the foundation of beauty.

There’s a reason why the Japanese approach to beauty is loved by so many across the world. In today’s modern society, an appreciation for the simpler things in life is becoming increasingly rare. However, the Japanese have always recognised the benefits of using simple, all-natural ingredients on their skin. This gentler approach to skincare guides HANAKU Cosmé’s collection, where each product is designed to improve the user’s complexion.

Just like the cherry blossoms featured in our logo, our collections are a reminder that the most beautiful things in life are often the simplest ones. Using only the best natural ingredients, our products include all the features you need, and nothing you don’t.

About us

Established in Japan in 2018, HANAKU Cosmé is a collaboration between Natural Cosmetics Japan and Invigoo Inc.

Our collections are the result of over thirty years of experience in cosmetics, and include beauty and skincare products that are loved by people all over the world. Using only the best natural ingredients sourced from Japan, our products are meticulously tested and held to high quality standards. But above all, each and every one of our products is made with our customers in mind. Our goal is to create products that help you express yourself, and fit seamlessly into your everyday life.