#Journal  18 April 2019

Our Story

Prior to its origin, the team behind HANAKU Cosmé noticed something strange. Despite its popularity across the globe, Japanese beauty is yet to become mainstream outside Japan. In fact, the team found that Japanese beauty products are quite difficult to find overseas, and the information surrounding them is also scarce.

Thus, the idea for HANAKU Cosmé was born. Starting with our flagship BB créme, our brand was created with the intention of making Japanese beauty accessible across the world.

As one of the most widely used beauty products across Asia, it only made sense that HANAKU’s first product would be a BB cream. The versatile product is a staple in any beauty lover’s collection, and acts as a base for other makeup products to follow. However, throughout the BB cream’s development process it was important for us to create a product that was more than just makeup. Each product in our collection is designed to improve the user’s complexion, and also provide a host of skincare benefits.

Keeping the modern, professional woman in mind, we created an all-in-one product that fits seamlessly into your everyday life. Our BB cream’s unique formula feels lightweight, but offers the same amount of coverage as a foundation. It also combines the benefits of a primer, moisturiser, foundation, and UV protection, reducing the number of steps in your daily makeup routine.

Most notably, however, our BB creams contain active ingredients that work twice as hard to improve your complexion. The ingredients we use include over fifteen kinds of amino acids, which strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. Furthermore, the use of UV protection (SPF 50) and brightening agents help preserve the appearance of the skin over time. With prolonged use, our BB cream is designed to keep your skin looking good, with or without makeup.