#Journal  12 April 2019

Lifestyle habits for healthier skin

Beautiful skin starts from the inside out. From your diet to your daily habits, the decisions you make on an everyday basis actually influence your skin more than you think! Here are some habits you should introduce to your daily routine, in order to achieve glowing, clearer looking skin.

Stay hydrated.

If you aren’t getting enough water, chances are your skin isn’t either! Staying hydrated helps rid the body of toxins, and can improve the appearance of the skin. Not to mention, it can help your complexion look brighter, and achieve a radiant glow. For the best results, drink at least 8 glasses of water of day.

Watch your diet.

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. While going on a strict diet isn’t necessary, eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is the first step towards glowing skin. Try to avoid refined sugar, as it may cause skin problems such as irritation and acne. It is also wise to avoid alcohol and caffeine – these have a diuretic effect, and tend to dehydrate body tissues and the skin.

Get enough sleep.

Have you ever noticed that when someone lacks sleep, they look dull and less youthful? That’s because a good night’s sleep rejuvenates the skin, and not getting enough leaves it looking dehydrated and lifeless. Not to mention, it contributes to those pesky dark circles below your eyes! For healthy, well-rested skin, establish a bedtime and aim for at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

Remove your make up every night.

When you’re exhausted after a long day at work, your skincare routine’s probably the last thing on your mind. But before you hit the sack, at the very least remove your makeup! Sleeping with a full face on can cause your pores to become clogged, leaving your skin unable to breathe. It also becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and may even cause breakouts.

Protect yourself against the sun.

Did you know that too much sun exposure ages the skin? While that tanned glow might look good in the short term, exposure to UV rays destroys elastin in the skin, and can promote wrinkles. Not to mention, it can cause unsightly brown spots and discolouration of the skin.

In order to prevent early ageing, sun protection is a key step in your daily skincare routine. No matter the weather outside, you should be applying SPF every day. After all, even if you can’t see the sun it’s still there!

These days, there are plenty of SPF options catering to all different skin types. You could use a dedicated sunscreen, or simply use a BB cream that has a high SPF value. It is recommended that you use at least SPF 30 to receive proper protection against the sun’s rays.