#Journal  17 April 2019

3 Ways to apply BB cream

When it comes to multipurpose products, BB cream is one that should be in every makeup lover’s collection. Short for Blemish Balm, BB cream combines the best of beauty and skincare, and gives natural coverage while also nourishing the skin. Not to mention, BB cream’s unique formula makes it incredibly versatile. Depending on the application, it’s possibly achieve completely different makeup looks. Read on to find out how!

Applying with a brush

For that flawless, airbrushed finish, it’s best to apply BB cream with a foundation brush. The tightly packed bristles and flat tip are designed to achieve a smooth finish and spread product evenly across the skin. Simply apply dots of BB cream to your cheeks and forehead. Then, using gentle strokes, use a brush to spread the product across the skin evenly.

Applying with a sponge

Looking for a more natural base? A makeup sponge may be the solution you’re looking for. A sponge gives the skin layers of sheer coverage, and covers up imperfections while still letting the skin’s natural glow shine through. First, choose a sponge made specifically for applying base makeup and wet it before squeezing to get rid of excess moisture. Then squeeze your BB cream onto the palm of your hand, and use the wet sponge to lightly dab product onto your face.

Using this method, it’s easy to build up coverage. Continue to apply layers of BB cream until you achieve your desired finish.

Applying with fingers

Finally, applying with your fingers is definitely the easiest way to apply BB cream! BB cream’s lightweight formula is easily spreadable, making it ideal for applying with your fingers. Simply squeeze a small amount of BB cream onto the palm of your hand, then apply dots of product onto your face. Then use your fingers to lightly work the product into your skin, until it looks even.