#Journal  10 April 2019

Benefits of BB cream

BB cream is no average beauty product. Short for ‘Blemish Balm’, BB cream combines the best of skincare and makeup, resulting in a formula that perfects the skin, and also provides a number of skincare benefits.

With its multiple purposes, it’s no wonder that makeup lovers around the world adore BB cream. If you’re still not convinced, here are some reasons you’ll love it!

It simplifies your makeup routine.

BB cream’s multipurpose formula combines numerous skincare benefits into one handy tube, helping you save time. Depending on the product, it can act as a foundation, primer, moisturiser and sunscreen, just to name a few! Rather than using multiple beauty products, an all-in-one BB cream really helps streamline your daily routine.

It keeps your skin moisturised.

While BB cream suits all skin types, those with dry skin in particular will adore its formula. Most BB creams include moisturising ingredients, helping the skin stay hydrated all day long. Not to mention, it avoids the frustration of foundation that clings to dry patches on the skin.

It protects you from the sun.

Sun protection should be a key step in anyone’s beauty routine. Besides speeding up the ageing process, excessive sun exposure can lead to premature wrinkles and discolouration of the skin. BB cream makes this essential skincare step easy, as most brands include a high value SPF in their formula.

It provides natural coverage.

Let’s be honest, no one likes the caked on makeup look. However, BB cream makes it easy to achieve a sheer, natural finish. The unique formula perfects the skin, while also letting the skin’s natural glow shine through.

Not to mention, BB cream is extremely versatile as a skin perfector. Whether you prefer a flawless finish applied with a brush or using your hands, BB cream looks good no matter how you wear it.

It has anti-ageing properties.

Depending on the formula you choose, some BB creams contain anti-ageing ingredients, and help improve the appearance of the skin. Some formulas are enriched with anti-oxidants, a key ingredient when it comes to achieving youthful looking skin. Not to mention, BB cream’s skin-perfecting qualities reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.